Our company

Insectum ApS is driven by a passion to make the production of protein for feed ever more sustainable. The company was founded in September 2018 with the purpose of manufacturing protein meal on a large scale on the basis of the larva of the Black Soldier Fly. Insectum is based in Denmark with operations on the island of Funen and offices in Jutland.


A sustainable protein source

The advantages of using the black soldier fly larva as a source of protein compared to other sources are many. Our larvae are fed a wide range of by-products from the agricultural sector as well as from the food and beverage industry. This means that no additional production of feedstock is required to sustain our larvae. The rearing of the larvae requires very little water as they get their need for moisture covered though the feed. 


A local operation

Insectum sources all feedstock locally and therefore the environmental impact of transportation is kept at an absolute minimum. The conversion rate of feed to body mass of our larvae is remarkably effective and in that way we get the most out of the feedstock that we source. The processing of the larvae takes place in close proximity to our rearing facility and the combined result of the larva physiology, life cycle and our logistical operation are very efficiently produced high-quality products with a very low CO2 footprint.


Our way of working

At Insectum, we take pride in conducting our business in a reliable, trustworthy and respectful manner. We see our customers as equal partners and work to form mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.